What Would John Wayne Do?

Posted: June 6, 2011 in General Topics of Interest

I was born a Texan. This carries with it the enormous responsibility, along with the bragging rights, of living in God’s chosen country. Texans are supposed to be tough, resilient and self-reliant. Adding to this burden, I come from a line of men who could accidentally drive a 12-penny nail through their hand, pull it out with their teeth and then go back to work for twelve straight hours.

The men in my family could catch falling engine blocks and take a bullet to the testicles without flinching. The maternal line of my ancestors traces back through the breed of British women that kicked Hitler’s ass with a baby on one hip and a cuppa tea brewing on the stove.

Given this heritage, I look back at situations in my life and wonder…How did I become such a wimp? Why don’t I live up to the standard set by Gary Cooper? By Ronald Reagan? By Conan the Barbarian? What I often find myself wondering is: What would John Wayne do?

So I dedicate this blog to exploring the questions of the modern male experience in the age of the Metro Sexual and men wearing Crocs and, ugh, expressing feelings. How does a man act these days, when our man cards have been confiscated by the PC police and going shirtless while you drink a beer is frowned upon?

In my future blog posts, I hope to offer my insights into this question. If these posts help you to become a better person, or if they offend you and make you want to cry, well, I really don’t give a damn either way. John Wayne wouldn’t.

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