One Half of America

Posted: November 7, 2012 in Fixing the World
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            Has decided that personal responsibility, hard work and independence no longer matter.  The America of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and many other iconic thought-leaders is, quite simply, dead.  That ship has sailed.  The final nail in the coffin was driven home last night, Tuesday, November 6th, 2012.

             Good bye United States of America.

             Hello United States of Dependence.

             One half of America decided to ignore Barrack Hussein Obama’s longtime friendship with Bill Ayers, the terrorist who bombed a police station.  They decided to ignore his longtime affiliation with the racist, America-hating Reverend Wright.  They decided to ignore the lessons of history which have clearly demonstrated that government redistribution of wealth is an unsustainable model.

            One half of America has chosen the dubious leadership qualities of a man with no history of success in any endeavor; a man with a polished exterior thinly veiling a smirking, condescending smugness.


             I do not know.  I don’t understand it.

             I can only surmise that they are motivated by greed at worst, or a misguided perception that compassion comes from the hands of the people who brought them the Post Office, the Veteran’s Administration, the DMV, the passport office, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, farm subsidies, TARP, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Unemployment Insurance, Solyndra and, well, see the full list here: 


             A motivation encompassed in the one sentence:  Take care of me, please.

             Has one half of the American Electorate bought into the “rich don’t pay enough” argument?  Can any argument be more specious?  If you took away every asset owned by a people with a net worth exceeding one million dollars – took away every dollar owned by Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jerry Jones, all of them – and paid it into the Treasury tomorrow, you wouldn’t make a dent in the Federal deficit – not the debt, the deficit.  (Although I strongly suspect that one half of America does not understand the difference.)

             I can only suppose that one half of America wants the other half of America to pay for their medical care, guarantee their mortgage, cover their living expenses while unemployed, feed them, clothe them, pay for their retirement, protect them from harm – but not if we have to go to war to do it – pay to heat and cool their homes and pretty much guarantee that they will never face anything more distressing than a hangnail.

             No, I’m doing them a disservice.  They don’t want the other half of America to pay for all this.  They want the government to pay for it instead.  I’m sorry, my bad.

             So on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012, I would like to welcome all of you to the New United States of Dependence.

             I have to sign off now and go to work this morning.  My neighbor needs a new car.





  1. Margaret Fulkerson says:

    It is sad but true.

    Does no one remember that the Germans voted Hitler and the Nazi’s into office too?

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  2. Stan Coats says:

    Well said! We are headed for disaster….led by the voting record of the gravely uninformed!


  3. Pat Murphy says:

    I am one of the uninformed. Regardless of my voting record I always feel uninformed. They stump in Ohio for God’s sake as if Texas is meaningless. They stump in Florida because of demographics. They stump with billions of dollars in advertising. In the end, I get an ad (nicely done) from the democrats that showed a woman with her feet in the stirrups with the message that voting Republican will remove the right to choose. Obviously that is total BS but if it’s in print it MUST best true.

    I could not tell you what the planks of either side’s platform was. To me all of that posturing is meaningless because it’s simply theater. Regardless, the vote still gave control of the House to the Republicans which means the president won’t be any more/less effective because it is a bottleneck.

    I’m old and jaded and feel that the voters get little in real information even in the age of instant news. Even the “news” is party driven so where can one get enough information to know which way to go. I’m tired of listening to it and am, once again, glad it’s over. We have to rely on some pretty smart people to run this company (country). Unfortunately they are smart enough to not give out much information through out their term unless it is favorable to them. We never really know how we’re doing. Who has the time?

    Pat Murphy
    Ruler of all I can see in my 12×12 home office.


    • To me, it’s not about being informed or uninformed. Ignorance has no party affiliation. Many people who chose BHO this election were intelligent, well-informed people who made a conscious decision to vote for an ideal rather than a party platform or specific policy. The ideal they voted for, when you strip away the rhetoric, is that government needs to take care of us, all the time. You – generic “you” – can bitch and gripe about all politicians being the same, both parties are the same, nothing gets done, blah-blah-blah, all you want, there is still an idealistic choice left in your hands. Choose for self-determination, personal accountability, adult responsibility, and for at least the ideal of a government that lives within its means, or choose a big warm blanket of comfort made from the hard work of the productive (or in our case, borrowed from China) and spread over you by the caring hand of a bureaucrat.

      The Chinese might as well buy this country outright. The change in leadership will barely be noticable.


  4. Reblogged this on Texanation and commented:

    Update #2: People thought I was being too harsh in my disdain for the character of our nation as exemplified by voting for the Mr. Obama. Looking back, was I wrong?

    Let’s see…

    Taxes higher– Check
    Deficit larger– Check
    Foreign policy a disaster– Check
    Health care more expensive– Check
    More people on welfare than ever– Check
    More ILLEGAL immigrants pouring over our border than ever before– Check

    No, I think I was right.


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