Cover Reveal

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Books, The Write Stuff
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In case you missed it in one of my 2.000 other posts, here’s the official cover reveal for Yeager’s Law, due out in July.


That is all.

  1. Isn’t marketing a bitch? The cover looks great!


  2. patricia bell says:

    Like I said – next national bestseller!


  3. Margaret Fulkerson says:


    Cool Cover – Can’t wait to read it in July!

    Margaret Fulkerson

    Property Accounting Manager

    Crest Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

    cid:image001.jpg@01CBE969.8A8019C09319 LBJ Fwy, Ste 106

    Dallas, TX 75243

    214-696-6677 x302

    214-696-6678 FAX


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