It Could Never Happen Here

Posted: July 1, 2015 in General Topics of Interest

The Greek government –

  • Strictly limits overtime for private sector
  • Sets minimums for overtime pay.
  • 20-plus days a year minimum leave required by law
  • Requires minimum of 15 days paid sick leave per year
  • Requires business to consult with employees and obtain permission for lay-offs or demotions.
  • Has a national collective bargaining minimum wage
  • Requires 3-1/2 months unpaid family leave
  • Requires one month’s salary for Christmas bonus, 1/2 month’s for Easter and vacation.

In Greece –

  • Unemployment =                                            25%
  • Population below poverty line =                     20%
  • Welfare recipients living in poverty =             60%
  • Welfare reduced poverty by =                        04%
  • Corporate tax rate =                                       25%
  • “Social Security” deduction by employer =    28%
  • GDP earmarked for welfare =                        22.5%

I’m glad no one in this country advocates a government-mandated minimum wage, or wants to raise corporate income tax, or believes welfare should be indefinite.  I’m happy to report I see no trends in this country similar to the decisions made by the Greeks.  We’re all way too smart to witness the results of a welfare state and want to repeat those mistakes.

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