6 Days to Release of Yeager’s Mission

Posted: June 15, 2016 in General Topics of Interest

Six more days until the official release date of Yeager’s Mission in eBook format.Yeager's Mission

Some early reviews –

“Yeager’s Mission” is the second installment in the Abel Yeager series by Scott Bell. If I had any doubt it could hold up against the excitement and action of book one, “Yeager’s Law,” that was put to rest immediately. It’s even better! – Marsha H.

Yeager’s Mission is a cowboy western brought into modern times and continues the adventures of Abel Yeager, a very alpha, very Eastwood/Bronson/McQueen type character. Abel will resonate well with most red-blooded readers who enjoy such tales of bravery and chivalry. But he is even stronger than that. He’s the knight errant of old, the bringer of justice to an unjust world. When the law breaks down, who you gonna call? Yeah, not those guys with the proton packs, but Abel—because he’ll get the job done. – Steve Y.

This is the second book in the series and it surpassed the first. The edge of your seat action and suspense was evident all the way through the book.  – Denise C.

Available June 21st. Pre-order your copy today on Amazon.

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