Review: Yeager’s Mission by Scott Bell

Posted: August 25, 2016 in General Topics of Interest

Love me some Katie. She writes gud, two.

standard ishue--Katie

Raise your hand if you remember my blog post from June 16, 2015. Anyone? Here’s a hint: Scott Bell’s new novel Yeager’s Law. Does that ring a bell? I hope so, because it’s a year later, and look who’s back!! Abel Yeager in a new adventure with his love Charlie and best friend Victor [Por Que]!!

Yeagers-Mission-HiRes 391 x 625

After a number of earthquakes hammer the Sierra Madre region of Mexico, Grupo Verdugo, a splinter group of cartel enforcers, takes control of the drug shipping routes through that territory. Caught in the middle, a small orphanage high in the mountains, desperate for supplies to care for the children and the battered earthquake victims, reaches out to Abel Yeager for help.

Yeager and his friend Victor agree to deliver the needed food and medicine. But Grupo Verdugo seems to have a special interest in starving out the clergy and forcing them to bend…

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