Sam Cable, Texas Ranger

Posted: March 28, 2016 in General Topics of Interest

Update on my new Cable series.  (I’m never going to get tired of puns like this.)

April’s Fool, the first in the series, has been picked up for publication by Divertir, leading May Day (Yes, the novels were accepted out of order, don’t obsess over it.) as the beginning of Sam Cable’s career in the world of fiction.

April’s Fool (publication date a state secret) will find Sam Cable, Texas Ranger, waking up in the bed of a woman he was assigned to protect.  He has no memory of the how he got there.  The woman – a black activist candidate for the U.S. Senate – can’t tell him what happened because, well, she’s dead.

Sam, with the help of an FBI agent named Rita Goldman, must find the killer while dealing with a hornet’s nest of racial tension and animosity.

May Day will find Sam escorting a prisoner back from California to Texas.  Their aircraft is sabotaged and crash lands in the Gila National Forest.  Powerful enemies are seeking to silence his prisoner before she can finger them for corruption, and it’s going to take everything he has to keep himself and his prisoner alive.

To come in the series will be June Bug and July 4th Amendment.

Stay tuned to this Cable channel for developments.

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